The Atomic Age Eyewear Company is proud to use lenses from CR Surfacing Lens Laboratories ....... the Australian Lens Lab.
100% Australian Owned. 100% Australian Manufactured.
Apart from being all round great people who love what they do, they have invested in the best lens manufacturing technology available. They are one of only three labs in the world to utilise this equipment. 
NOTE: All lens options carry advantages, disadvantages and limitations. You will find below, a number of pages providing comments and opinion.
We will assist you in deciding which choices will provide you with the best results for your visual, everyday and task focused needs. You are always very welcome in store to chat about the available choices. 
Click on the images below for explanations of various lens types, lens options and their respective benefits
In order from top left - Single Vision, Multifocals, Task Specific, Anti-Fatigue, Bifocals & Trifocals, Anti-Reflex & Blue Filter AR, Freeform, Transition Tint, Hi-Index & Blended Lenses, Sunglass Options & Alternatives